Kellan and Megan!

Amber and Kylie!

Lexi and Kayla!

Hanna, Shawna and Megan!

Hanna and Morgan!

Chelsea and Emma!

Catie and Sam!

Hanna, Sydney, Morgan (And Catie and Kylie)

Molly, Catie, Kylie an Lexi!

My child is the king of annoying photo bombs!

Brooke and Rachel!

Catie and Molly!

Hanna and Sam!

Sydney, Gracie, Maddie, Lexi and KaShia!

Kellan and junkies!

Erica, Amber and Tessa!

Katherine, Elena, Chelsea, Alanah and Tessa! (and Catie)

Kenna and Catie!

Emma, Brooke and Hanna!

Alanah and Rachel!

Lexi, Molly, Morgan and Megan!

Kiana, Elena, Abby, Katherine, Tessa and Chelsea!

Steve and Shawna!

Who's hungry?

We are!

And there is plenty of food...Yummy!

How cute are these?

Jack is a Troyette at heart!

Smart dog! :)

Gracie and Kellan!

Emma and Rachel!

Tessa, Elena and Katherine!

Kenna and Megan!

Rachel and her mom!

It's dinner time...seniors first! Megan, Hanna, Rachel, Maddie and Brooke!

KaShia, Alanah, Emma, Lexi, Kayla, and Kenna!

Caden at it again!

Good thing there is always plenty of food :)

Tessa and Morgan!

Catie, Katherine, Molly, Abby, Kylie, Kiana and Erica!