Kylie, enjoying some pizza before our Thursday soccer game!

Emma and Molly!

Jennifer, Alanah and Maria!

Catie and Sam!

Gracie, KaShia and Kenna!

Maddie and Hannah!

Amber and Kylie!

Lexi, Erica and Kayla!

Megan and Brooke!

Sydney and Rachel!

Brooke and Hanna!

Morgan and Abby!

Tessa and Kiana1

Chelsea and Megan R!

Getting ready...Katherine and Kayla!

Molly, Rachel and Sydney!

Elena, Tessa, Chelsea, Kiana and Morgan


Jennifer and KaShia!

gotta love Homecoming traditions!

Molly, putting away the stereo cart...Caden and Kellan, enjoying the ride!

Seniors...Maddie, Hannah, Megan, Brooke and Rachel...where's Jen? :)

We are ready to dance our hip hop routine for the very first time!

Heading to the field!

Marking formations!






Lookin' good in our new Homecoming t-shirts!

Megan and K!

Alanah and Tessa!


Waiting for halftime!

A shot from the Press box after a great peformance!


Its pep assembly time...Kenna and KaShia!

Morgan and Sydney!

Hannah and Tessa!