Here we go...Sara’s Camp 2013!

Sister gifts! Kayla and Catie!

Molly and Sydney!

KaShia and Gracie!

Hannah and Jennifer!

Kiana and Elena!

Chelsea and Maria!

Megan and Kylie!

Anna and Maddie!

Lexi and Sam!

Katherine and Kenna!

Emma and Megan R.

Abby and Brooke!

Amber and Rachel!

Morgan and Hanna!

Alanah and Tessa!

Working on our team chants! Maddie, Emma, Megan, Kenna, Katherine and Anna!

Megan, Kylie, Molly, Sydney, Jennifer and Hannah!

Sam, Kayla, Catie, Lexi, Gracie and KaShia!

Hanna, Morgan, Abby, Elena, Kiana and Brooke!

Never a break from potty training...or from playing video games!!

Deorating our bags...Morgan, Tessa, Abby, Amber and Kylie!

Chelsea, Lexi and Jennifer!

Sam, KaShia and Kenna!

Maddie, Gracie and Annaa!

Katherine, Catie and Emma!

Megan R, Hanna and Brooke!

Sydney, Hannah and Elena!

Kiana, Rachel and Alanah!

Mollly, Maria and Kayla!

Maria and Kristina!

Crazy sock day! Lexi, Kayla, Catie, KaShia, Gracie and Sam!

Chelsea, Amber, Tessa, Rachel, Alanah and Maria!

..but now their socks actually show :)

Katherine, Anna, Megan R, Emma, Maddie and Kenna!

Abby, Morgan, Kiana, Elena, Brooke and Hanna!

Jen, Sydney, Megan, Kylie, Molly and Hannah!

Getting ready for some team building!

Kellan has made a new friend in Kristina!

Megan and Maria!