14-15 Southwest Troyettes!

Party at the sign!



Did you make it?


Rachel and Amber!

Amber and longer new girls!

Kylie, Amber, Sydney and Gracie!

Exciting times ahead!


Sam and Catie!

Lexi and Maria G!

Erica and Kayla!

Kenna and Emma!

Kiana and Chelsea!

Kiana and Chelsea...take 2!

Hannah and Gracie!

Molly and Morgan!

Elena and Katherine!

Kylie and Amber!

Tessa and Abby!

Larissa and Victoria!

Gracie and SImran!

Josie and Meghan!

KaShia and Maria M.

Alexa and Alissa!

Gracie and Sydney!

Amber and Kylie are excited!

Freshmen: Meghan, Grace, Maria,Josie, Simran, Larissa, Alexa, Larissa (missing: Raeanna and Alyssa)

Sophomores: Abby, Kylie, Amber, Tessa,Molly, Morgan, Megan and Victoria!

Juniors: Gracie, Sam, Katherine, Kiana, Elana, Erica, Catie and Chelsea!

Seniors: Kayla, Lexi, KaShia, Maria, Sydney, Hannah, Emma and McKenna! (Missing: Alanah)

Let the adventures begin!

Amber and coach!

We have arrived at Dairy Queen: Lexi, Sam, Catie, Hannah and Amber!

Katherine, Maria, Elena, Abby and Lexi!

Alexa, Alissa, Larissa, Grace, Simran, Victoria and Maria!

Morgan, Emma, Josie, Meghan, Sydney, Amber, Hannah, Erica and Catie!

KaShia, Molly, Megan, Emma and Kayla!