Riley Aguirre

Jenna Anderson

Krista Anderson**

Paloma Cruz

 Zoey Hearn

Taylor Hermsen

Julia Gokey

Lana Gould

Katie Klatt​​​​​

Lily Koeser

Makala Langenberg

Sophia Morrissey

Claire Post​​​​​

Sylvia Pryes

Hannah Schmitz​​​

Olivia Valley

Josie Van Boxtel

Kailey Weires**

Sydney Zinkel


If you see your name above, then CONGRATULATIONS, because YOU are a member of the 2021-22 SW Troyettes!!! 

This team has a LONG tradition of success and YOU have been entrusted with the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from that proud tradition! That makes for exciting times ahead!!!


 Your name on the list above means that I think you have what it takes to be a performing member of the 21-22 team!


If you find an asterisk next to your name, then this means, that based on your try out video, you will need to reach some specific goals before securing a full time performance/competition spot.  If you put in the work, you will get where you need to be...but it will be UP TO YOU!!! 

If you do NOT have an asterisk next to your name, this does not necessarily mean that you have secured a full time performing spot!  It simply means that you are currently where I would expect you to be and you are on track to be a full time performer.  The only thing that can stop you, is  you!!!  Because ultimately, your attitude, work ethic, desire to improve, ability to take critiques and a strong focus on maintaining your grades and personal conduct will all play into securing your spot!

 In reality, every single one of you, new or returning members, should act like there are NO GUARANTEES!  The REAL work begins NOW! My experience is that  the more  you have to FIGHT for what you want, the better you become! The key is to realize that you are not fighting against each other for a spot, but fighting against your own limitations...to become the best that you can be!  

When YOU become better , WE become better...And from here forward, WE are what its ALL about!!!

So start FIGHTING !

CONGRATS AGAIN!  Let the fun begin!