WARM-UP:  3:15-3:45

CARDIO (3 minutes)

1 up front stairs/run to middle/down front stairs

10 frog jumps

10 straddle pike ups

STRETCHING: (20 minutes)

1) Individual stretch

2) dynamic stretch- Click HERE

4) All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 3o secs each

5) back bends with partner

STRENGTHENING: (5 minutes)

1) 10 push ups

2) 15 tricep dips

3)Ab work: 5 on each sided:  click HERE

4) 6 fan kicks each leg over sitting partner-switch

SKILL WORK: (10 minutes)

**Double turn/toe touch/split leap/barishnokov/C jump/rt-lft butt kick/a la secondes as team on M/W/F...

with sis on T/TH

**Kicks in small groups on M/W/F...as a team on T/TH

BREAK:  3:45-3:50

REVIEW ( 3:50-3:55)

**Walk through FB pom routine

**Learn Walk on /walk off

ROUTINE WORK ( 3:55-5:30)


1) Dance FB Pom routine full out in 1/2's for video and critiquing partner


1) Figure out pre-game lines (front-back and groups)

2) Walk through pom sideline and polish wearing weighted gloves

3) Dance pom sideline in 1/2's for video and critiquing partner


1) Review and polish first 6 eight counts