Name:  Paloma Cruz  

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would go go?

if i could travel anywhere in the world, i would go to japan!

How many siblings do you have? Where do you fall in the mix? (oldest, youngest, etc)

i have four older siblings - i am the youngest

Do you have a pet? What's it's name?

i have five dogs and three cats. their names are lenny, cosmo, shirley, laverne, mirah, lily, walter, and percy

What is your favorite song?

my favorite song is chopin nocturne in e flat major (op. 9, no. 2)

What's your favorite color?

beige :)

What's your favorite book or movie?

any book by stephen king!!!

Last meal if you were on death row?

spaghetti + meatballs with a ceasar salad and garlic bread

What word best describes your life up to now?


What would your superpower be and why?

invisibility to sneak into things for free

A genie grants you 3 wishes.  What would they be?

• endless donation money
• get accepted into ucla
• more wishes hehe

Who has the most influence on you?

definitely my dad. he is a huge inspiration to me and i want to make him proud

If you won a million dollars what would you do with the money?

invest and save

How many kids do you want to have? Do you have names picked for them and if so what are they?

i want to adopt two kids. i love the names makani and orlando

Do  you have a nickname?  Or a name your family calls you?

my family and friends call me Po!

If you had the opportunity to be immortal would you take it?

nope, i wouldn’t want to be immortal. seeing all my friends and family pass away would make me really sad and lonely

Which famous person (past or present)  would you want to spend the day with?

amelia earhart - i want to know how she died

Do you have a recurring dream?  Describe it.

i have a quite a few dreams where i am simply just riding a bike

If you could change anything about yourself, would you? If so, what and why?

i would change my vision. without my contacts i am practically blind lol

How often do you wash your hair and how often do you shave?

i shower at least every other day and shave whenever i need it

Beverage of choice?


Do you have any superstitions? If so, what are they?

i am not a superstitious person

Would you want to be famous?  Why or why not?

no i wouldn’t want to be famous. i enjoy a quiet life without caring what others think :)

If you could get a do-over on anything, what would it be?

i live with no major regrets! i’m here right now in a good place and all my decisions have led up to this

Number 1 on your bucket list?

go surfing in guam!!

Biggest pet peeve?

when you’re excited or passionate about something and someone bashes you down on it :(

5 things about you that are interesting, unique or not well known?

• i can play 5 different instruments 
• i’m asian pacific islander
• i was 3 when i started dancing
• i really love reading
• i randomly bake desserts for my friends