WARM-UP:  3:15-3:45
CARDIO (3 minutes)

30 sec  jog in place

30 sec high knees jog

30 seconds jumping jacks

30 seconds squats

30 seconds lateral lunge (rt to lft)

30 seconds forward lung

STRETCHING: (15 minutes)

1) Leader led stretch

3) hamstring resist stretch against floor M/W/F

All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minutes each on T/TH

4) back bends with partner

STRENGTHENING: (5 minutes)

1) Click HERE for ab work-1 set

** 10 scissor kicks

** 10 toe taps (knees start at 90 degrees)

** 10 sit ups with knees bent and feet off floor/twist rt-lft

**raise legs to 90 degrees/extend legs and reach to toes/recover/return to 90 degrees/tap toes on ground

2) Ten fan kicks over chair or sitting up partner- switch

SKILL WORK: (10 minutes)

**Double turn/toe touch/split leap/barishnokov/C jump/rt-lft butt kick/a las secondes as team on M/W/F...

with sis on T/TH

**Kicks in small groups on M/W/ a team on T/TH


BREAK:  3:45-3:50

REVIEW: 3:50-4:00

Walk throgh kick 2x

Walk through Comp. pom 2x

ROUTINE WORK-POM ( 4:00-5:30)


1st FOURTH...up to formation change to full team double

2nd FOURTH (half)...up to move back to center with barishnokov

3rd FOURTH...through full team toe touch/low V-high V ball change

4th FOURTH... through end 

1) Begin working through first 1/4 of routine


1)  Two lap run to middle stairs

2)  10 jumping jacks/10 squat jumps/10 forward lunge switches w/jump


1) Individual, personalized stretch-

Answer: high /low for this week

2) Stretch for hip flexors-wall stretch/pigeon stretch/twist stretch w/palm up

3) back bends with partner

4) hamstring resist stretch w/partner

5) All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minute each



1)  Toe touch strengtheners-12 of each 2x through

(bowler squats/banded bridge/frog jumps)

2) 10 straddle pike ups

3) 10 straddle leg lifts-each leg/both legs


**Double turn/toe touch/split leap/C jump as team