WARM-UP:  3:15-3:55
CARDIO (10 minutes)


Click HERE

8 Wide squats  /8 mini jumps in wide squat-arms out

8 medium width squats /8 mini jumps in medium width squat-arms out

8 legs close together squats/8 mini jumps in leg together squat


5 squats to explode up with arms

20 straight vertical jumps (feet shoulder width apart) arms up

5 squats to explode up with arms

STRETCHING: (10 minutes)

1) Leader led stretch

2) All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minutes each

3) Back bends w/sis
4) "butt kick" hold on rt/lft with sister-pair up with another sister pair and watch form/switch


STRENGTHENING: (10 minutes)

1) Click HERE for ab work-Each exercise 5 times each (do squat leg lift 5 on each leg)


SKILL WORK: (10 minutes)

**3 toe touches

**3 double turns / 3 triples

**3 split leaps across /3 split leaps back

 **2 Barishnokovs

**Turning toe touch

**a-la-seconde turns

 **practice kicks as a team

BREAK:  3:55-4:00