WARM-UP:  3:15-3:40
CARDIO (5 minutes)

10 straddle pike ups

10 frog jumps

5 straddle pike ups

5 frog jumps

STRETCHING: (20 minutes)

1) leader led stretch

2) All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minutes each on M/W/F

Stand against wall...partner lifts and pushes leg up to high kick position/hold & Resist like hamstring resist stretch T/TH

3) Back bends down wall/walk back up

4) "butt kick" hold on wall-rt/lft -make sure bottom leg is locked and foot turned out

STRENGTHENING: (10 minutes)

1) Click HERE for ab work- Repeat 1x

🔥 Rt Side Plank (30 secs) ----Do left on 2nd set

🔥Rt Side plank hip dip (30 secs)----Do left on 2nd set

🔥Single Leg Reverse Crunches (30 secs)
🔥 Up Down Planks (30 secs)
🔥 Russian Twists (30 secs)

2) 10 fan kicks over partner on each leg

SKILL WORK: (5 minutes)

**Double turn/toe touch/split leap/barishnokov/C jump/rt-lft butt kick/a las secondes as team on M/W/F...

with sis on T/TH

**Kicks in small groups on M/W/F...

as a team on T/TH

BREAK:  3:40-3:45

ENDUANCE & REVIEW ( 3:45-3:50)

1) Dance FB pom full out as team

ROUTINE WORK ( 3:50-3:50)

TUESDAY, FEB 23:30-5:30

WEAR: Black leggings/blue muscle tank tank /Appropriate shoes

ARRIVE:3:30 at Student Service EntranceWear Mask/and maintain distance

BRING:Poms, Stretch bands from Omarr workouts, Water bottle, sweatshirt or similar for use under knees...and anything else you might need

WARM-UP:  Sydney/Zoey lead


1)  bowler squate across and back short length of commons2)  Step/touch ground-arabesuqe across and back short length of commons3) Foot and Jump drill (see video)4) 10 frog jumps


1) Individual, personalized stretch-2) Stretch for hip flexors-wall stretch/pigeon stretch3) back bends with partner 4) hamstring resist stretch w/partner5) All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minute each


1)  New Toe touch strengtheners-12 of each 2x through (banded bridge/tippy toe stretch/forward stretch leg lift- see video) 2) 10 straddle pike ups3) 10 straddle leg lifts-in/out over pom (see video)4) 30 second plank hold (Side/middle/side)



1) Double turn/toe touch/split leap/Barihnokov/C jump as team2) Dance pom motion routine for sister0-video and critique sharpness




1) Add 2 final eight counts to pom motion routine2) high/mid/low brush kick across floor- see video2)Continue learning practice kick routine3) Work on  kick technique4) Learn 2 eight counts of "game routine" material



1) Tiers Explanation and expectations