WARM-UP:  3:15-3:40
CARDIO (5 minutes)

Click HERE

1 8 count at each of the 3 positions-Repeat 3x/Rest for 1 minute/Repeat 3x

*go at a pace that allows you to completely stretch through your full pointed foot extension

STRETCHING: (20 minutes)

1) Free stretch on own

2) All 3 Split holds (back heel up)-hold for 1 minutes each

3) Back bends with partner
4) "butt kick" hold on rt/lft with sister-pair up with another sister pair and watch form/switch


STRENGTHENING: (10 minutes)

1) Click HERE

EXERCISE: 5 reps on each side for each exercise

SKILL WORK: (10 minutes)

*Skill set 1 as a team (Peyton, Joclyn, Claire try to start to learn)

Comp pom fouette turns as a team

BREAK:  3:40-3:45


1) Tweak "Shake it Baby" formation/choreo so that triple turn isn't covered up.

2) Walk through Comp Pom 2x

2) Video tape all critiqued sections with sister

3) Re-polish tweaked "Shake it Baby" section

4) Polish "Shake it Senorita" section from tuck jump through partner work up to 3 line formation change.

4) Small group critiquing/video up to "3-2-1"

4) Learn 4 eight counts of new choreo (this leaves 3 1/2 eight counts)