WARM-UPS 8:00-8:40 
CARDIO (5 minutes)


1) Pull knee to chest, walk walk, switch

2) Step needle walk walk, switch

3) step high knee walk walk, switch

4) Step shoulder kick, walk walk, switch

5) Step circle high knee, walk walk, switch

6) Step shoulder fan kick, walk walk, switch

STRETCHING: (15 minutes)

1) On Your own stretch

3) Split progression stretch (click HERE)

All 3 Split holds (correct form)-hold for 1 minutes each on T/TH

4) back bends with partner

STRENGTHENING: (5 minutes)

1) 10 push ups

2) 15 tricep dips

3) 20 scissor kicks

4) 20 flutter kicks

4) 20 twists/knees up (both sides count as 1)

5) 8 straddle pike-ups

SKILL WORK: (15 minutes)

**Double turn/toe touch/split leap/barishnokov/C jump/rt-lft butt kick/a la secondes as team on M/W/F...

with sis on T/TH

**Kicks in small groups on M/W/F...as a team on T/TH