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Positive ideas:
1- try to perform hip hop at soccer game before pep assembly so we can view what we need to fix before pep and football game
2- attend classes in weight room after practice
3- possibly do swimming workouts or conditioning sometime, just as little at a mile run around the track. This was a major benefit in summer workouts helping with endurance and stamina, conditioning is key.

Major critique- having faster transitions, not being so laid back on football routines.

Things I love about troyettes:
- the people
- the team bonding
- Shawna Landes
- the seniors
- dancing nonstop with people I love
- always being  pushed to strive greater than you are
- the intense critiquing sessions
- always figuring out new "gadgets" such as the toe touch bands
- the memories made
-I love that feeling in your stomach 8th hour before practice when you know you will be learning new coreography at practice the day of. (It's like butterfly's in your stomach especially during competition season)
- the honesty and trust I can hold within anybody of the team
- the work ethic
- how everyone is willing to try new things
- having something to do everyday after school, otherwise I would die of boredom if I didn't have troyettes
- always having a friend to talk to in the hallways or in class
- the drive and determination

.... And the list could go on and on, thank you for most of the greatest things in my life I could ever ask for.


The three positive ideas that would be fun for our team this year is a team sleepover/bonfire, volunteer somewhere together (so we can see how fortunate we are to be part of such a great team) (Example: Paul's Pantry), and do something like relay races for warm ups so we can practice on working together. The one major critique I have that could benefit our team is to always stay positive. Lastly, the reasons I love Troyettes so much is the team bond, our unbelievable coach, competition season, and of course winning! :)


For one of my college essays I had to write about something that I thought went unnoticed in my life and why it was important to me. I chose my five most important values. I think values are something that you lead your life by, not necessarily something that people notice in others... I'd like to share my five most important values, how each of them apply to my life personally and how each of them can apply to the team as a whole.

1) Honesty
Myself: I would rather have someone be straight up with me than lie to me. The only way I can improve and become a better person is if I realize the things that can be improved upon. The only way I can thrive is if I know every true part about myself. I have to be honest with myself in order to move forward. I value honesty in others because I believe I try my hardest to be honest and want the same from others.
Team: Be honest with each other. Tell someone, respectfully, if they have hurt you in any way. Tell your sister she needs to work on her double turn. Tell a girl out on the floor that she was slow/fast at some part of the routine. Be honest with kindness.

2) Respect
Myself: I believe in respecting differences. We are not all the same, so respect others' opinions/ideas. I respect myself, whether it is with friends, boys, school, troyettes, my family, or anything... I always respect myself and try not to do anything that pushes me too far.
Team: Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Again, we are all different people, we have differences. Respect that. Try to respect others even when that day they might be a little disrespectful, you will know then that it is THEIR issue, not yours. Respect Shawna. She has a lot on her plate and we have to understand that she is doing this out of love and enjoyment. If we make it unenjoyable, she won't want to keep doing this.

3) Be Bold
Myself: I try to think outside the box, push myself in a new/different direction, look at things from a new perspective. I try to be creative and try new things. I say what is on my mind, and I try not to hold back because I know not speaking up is going to harm me more. I do what I love and try not to worry what people have to say about it.
Team: Push yourself to new limits, not just with dancing but with making new friends, talking to new people. Be creative and come up with ideas, sure we have traditions but new ones can always be added on. Don't hold back what you're feeling, you are not belittled because you are younger, everyone has the right to say what's on there mind, kindly of course. Dance boldly, do everything you can to make each performance your best.

4) Positivity
Myself: I try not to let bad situations get the best of me, I try to learn from them. I try to be optimistic so I can be open-minded about things. I try not to sweat the little things, if someone has an issue with you and don't try to talk to you about it, it's THEIR issue, don't let it drag you down.
Team: We have to remember nothing lasts forever. Tough situations don't, and neither does Troyettes, so we need to learn to not sweat the tough- let it build you- and to cherish the good- embrace the unique experience we have. Happy girls are the prettiest girls and I don't think any of us want to be ugly. Keeping a positive attitude and mindset will help us become a strong team, both physically and mentally. Stay positive.

5) Intelligence
Myself: I always try to push myself academically, but also socially. Being open to new ideas prepares me for future issues, I have more than one perspective which makes me smarter.  I try to be smart with my time, my choices, and my relationships. Intelligence in life can cause for awesome conversations and I for one can't talk to a brick wall, so I definitely value intelligence in others.
Team: Be smart, remember what is expected of you on this team. Be intelligent when it comes to making choices, which one will benefit you  and the team more? Push yourself in school and always put school first, you can't dance if you have bad grades. Make every day a learning experience, we're learning all the time at practice, take it in be intelligent the next day! Share your intelligence with others and learn from others. Finally remember this, "Big minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." Have a big mind.


Ideas for the team:
New workouts every week, to keep it fresh! Or every month
More team bonding! Maybe not big things like Washington island but I remember we used to do spark dates and stuff and I loved that

Critique for the team:
Always smile!! It makes the routine look 10x better because when you're smiling your energy automatically goes up:)

Main reason I love troyettes:
we're a family and you all accept me and we accept eachother no matter what:)

I'1. Have circle stretches before an event, so we can go around and people can say what they're most excited for.

2. During critiques we could have people sit in a more compact group, so everyone's not spread out.

3. Be courteous and helpful when someone needs help.

1. We have focused on ourselves too much and have not been focusing on the team as a whole. If we hold ourselves accountable for the stuff we need to know and do to make this team strong, this year will go smoothly.

Troyette love
1. There is so much history and love behind the Troyettes. I enjoy being part of the past traditions and making traditions of our own. I am grateful everyday that my sister found this great team and the fact that later she shared the experience with me. I guess there are a lot of things that I love about Troyettes, but I mostly love what the Troyettes stand for which is hard work and believing in yourself. These lessons and values that have been passed to me through Troyettes will stay with me the rest of my life.

My three things are:
1) To keep talking at a minimum so no one gets crabby
2) A team sleepover
3) maybe starting a POB bag like Sara's camp????
My major critique to benefit the team is to take ourselves less seriously and remember that we're all just teens and don't need to be out doing what a 25 year old would do. I think we all need to step back and think about the basics of what is right and what is wrong and then abide by that :)
Reasons I love Troyettes:
1) We are a big family and even though families don't always get along, they will always love each other and stick up for one another.
2) troyettes has been my support system for my high school career.
3) Troyettes is the reason I'm still in Green Bay.
4) it's taught me how to be a responsible and hardworking individual.
5) we get to wear the best costumes ever
6) we form a sisterhood that is hard to come by anywhere else.
7) the coach is really pretty and has cute kids and also let me live in her house for 8 months...... :)
8) Troyettes is a once in a lifetime experience
9) it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me.


I1. Do more shoutouts during warm ups and practice in general. It helps people stay motivated especially when they hear their name called. For ex. While performing the routine people can shout out "go (insert name)!"

2. More warm ups that include partners/teams. For example, at Sara's camp we had our teams run back and fourth doing fun warm ups. (Bear crawls, crab walks, skips, etc.)
Whoever was done first won.

3. People who give up during arms, push-ups, or other exercises should have to do a few extras to make up for it.

Major critique:

This is something I didn't hear at all during practice today and that is being inclusive of everyone on the team. I don't think anyone on our team would purposely make someone feel excluded or unimportant, but I know there are some small cliques on our team. It's okay to have people you are closer to on the team, but everyone should try to get to know everyone. I know there have been times that I have felt excluded because I joined late. Only a few people introduced themselves on my first day and it's been a little harder for me to make new friends because of it, especially being a pretty shy person if I don't know you very well. I don't think anyone tries to make anyone feel that way but it just happens. Everyone should try and put in a little extra effort to make friends with new people on the team!

I love Troyettes because:
- everyone is always so positive
- everyone is so nice
- everyone wants to improve to get to state and win!
- sparkly costumes
- a new wardrobe
- I have 28 other people I can go to if I ever have a problem
- we push ourselves to the limit
- we work harder than anyone
- there's tons of team bonding
- everyone wants what's best for the team
- I have 2 sisters instead of 1 (2 people to critique me, 2 people who want me to improve)
- everyone wants everyone to succeed
- everyone is so thankful
- this team means so much to so many people

1.) I think it would be fun if the team (even if it's only the girls) put together a sleepover at someone's house or just a fun team activity like bowling or when it gets closer to winter, ice skating :)

2.) reassure how blessed we are to be on such an amazing team as much as possible

3.) playing a fun, but workout-related game every Friday (like rooster on the roof)!

The reason I love troyettes is because, even though it's hard to see sometimes, we truly are an amazing family. We have this bond, title, and coach that no other team can even begin to imagine :) I love this team more than anything!! (And Shawna😋)

Fun Ideas:
New, fun, team building warmups/workouts
Maybe a Troyette lunch this Friday? and other days we perform
More competitive fun!! I like the mini instagram competitions. We could do like who can do the most pushups or who can make the cutest cupcakes or anything fun like that

Stop making problems about things that aren't really problems. I feel like people are saying stuff just to hear their voice. If there really is a problem, by all means it should be addressed but otherwise little things should be taken as little things.

Why I love Troyettes:
It is a distraction from my crazy academic schedule, it's a group of people I know will be there for me no matter what, it's a good excuse when someone who you don't particularly like asks you to hang out (haha), it holds me to a standard that I would not otherwise be obliged to hold, plus no matter what other people think, I have always found it to be fun.... sorry that was one big sentence


3 ideas
-go out to lunch together on game days or random days when we want team love
-talk at the end of practice or the end of the week and decide how we thought it went and what we could do better
-do a fun simple activity once a month (go to someone's house to eat pizza, watch a movie, etc.)

One Major Critique
Come to practice prepared physically (practice outift, bands, hand weights, poms) and mentally. Having a good attitude is everything! exciting challenges ( split challenges)
2. More team bonding
3. 5 minutes at the end of practice to say what we did good and bad

1. When critiquing also so a good thing they did

1. What I love about troyettes are that we are a family and the fun we have at competition and football games
2. Also competition partys🎉

3 ideas
-go out to lunch together on game days or random days when we want team love
-talk at the end of practice or the end of the week and decide how we thought it went and what we could do better
-do a fun simple activity once a month (go to someone's house to eat pizza, watch a movie, etc.)

One Major Critique
Come to practice prepared physically (practice outift, bands, hand weights, poms) and mentally. Having a good attitude is everything!

1. team bonfire
2. more "game" warm ups
3. pump it up like Sara did when we were all down at Sara's camp

and we could all work on staying positive 😊

and I love the team bonding and knowing that someone always has my back on Troyettes

1. More team bonding
2. Team lunches if we can go out
I think as a whole we should be more happy and not take things so hard bcuz critiques and motivation because it's there to help you.

I love the dancing and the team bonding and character that troyettes creates.

I think we should"

1) do a team bonfire or some type of bonding,

2) do pump it up after practice,

3)Continue to be positive and motivating at practice! 😊😄

And one thing we could work on is transitions :)!


 LOVE EVERYTHING! Honestly!! :-)! Definitely the bond we all have, like being able to know that we all have eachothers backs

1. more troyette bonding outside of practice and preformances maybe

2. try to seperate the cliques on the team somehow

3. sometimes the seniors seem to be in a bad mood & it sets the team to be in a somewhat bad mood so maybe have more team happiness


i love troyettes because its a very strong team bond we have, it brings together girls with different personalities and make them the closest friends. i also love troyettes because seeing how great our routines look in the end after all of the practices& see the routine come together, & remembering that it is a team that i am apart of.



I love troyettes because I get to dance. I also love it because I get to make new friends and make my high school years more memorable.

Critique/ really work on parallel toe touches

1. End of the week come together and say what went good a practice and take about what we accomplished

2. Rooster on the roof

3. For warm ups it would be fun to make teams and have races like running, carb walk, skipping ect.

Do pump it up after/before practice
Fun warm activity once a week
Team does POBS too

Overall...more team bonding!


What I love about troyettes..
Our determination and our love for our team.

Positive ideas:
1. More team bonding events/ hanging out with team mates outside of practice
2. New football/basketball (game) traditions (ways to pump each other up)
3. Fun warm ups.. Start practice with an ease as well as with working hard
4. Study groups! Might not be "fun" but it could be beneficial for help with school work, and getting grades up during competition stress
Team critique:
Stop being the person you think you need to be and start being yourself. Once the "fake" personalities leave, so will the drama!
One reason I love Troyettes is because I know I have another family who will have my back through everything, it gives me an amazing sense of belonging and gives me love through ,y whole day, knowing even a smile in the hallway can make things brighter.

1.) more team bonding events (movies, sleepovers, rhinestoning party)
2.) have a star or symbol that we slap on our way into practice to leave all the negative energy outside of our practice area
3.) have team breaks/hugs at the end of practice like we do at Sara's camp

Overall critique: helping others with choreography more :)

What I love about troyettes: I know I have a team of 29 people to go to if I need support! I know that there is always going to be someone there to help me and it's a really great feeling!!:)

Positive ideas:
1. Team members could also do POBs (like Sara's camp)
2. Mini competitions/contests during warm ups (like Sara's camp) (races, etc.)
3. Pump it up before we do Pom full out as a team at practice

Add turns in second to our turning drill

Why I love Troyettes:
It would take me all day if I were to list everything. The reason that first comes to mind is that I can always count on practice or any troyette event to make me instantly happy. 


I think we can work on talking & also when people are asking other people questions don't yell at them, just make sure they are asking questions  and don't just tell them to be quiet.


I love the team like how we work together & work hard. I love how we all help each other.

My three ideas are play team and grade bonding games at Friday practices or outside of practice. 2.have a this year team sleep over.

3. Sometime before competition season have a day like Sara's camp fun day.


and the reason I love troyettes is because I have 29+ friends/sisters for life and being with all of them is so fun and it's really nice to have so many people to talk to about anything!

1. We could do some team bonding dinners and sleepovers or maybe grade bonding. I feel like if we did this we could get closer and there would be less drama.

2. I also think we should do talk circles once a week or every other week because I feel that if someone has something to say to the whole team that is an easy way to share. We can also talk about things that went well during the week or what didn't do we can do something different next week.

3. Why I love troyettes?
I love troyettes because I've made so many close friends! Whenever I am in the halls and I see a one of the girls they wave and say hi which makes my day so much better. One time had a really bad day, I got to practice and everyone made me laugh and forget about the original problem I had. I love how we are a family and even though the season has just started everyone is so close!


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