Name:  Kailey Weires     Grade: Freshman

What motivates you to work hard?

I’m a determined and dedicated person so when I want something I don’t stop trying and I work hard for it.

What keeps you from  working hard?

I sometimes doubt myself

Are  you shy or outgoing?

I am outgoing

After a full day with people are you ready to snuggle up at home or head out with friends?

I would go out with friends


If comfortable, are you loud and crazy or calm and quiet?

I am all haha, depending on the people and where it is but I am usually loud and crazy.


Are you a listener or a talker?

I am both, I like listening and helping people a lot. But i also talk a lot


Are you "go with the flow" or more of a control freak?

I am the go with the flow type of person


Do you like to take charge or are you comfortable letting somebody else call the shots?

I let other people call the shots


Do you like to blend in or stand out?

I like to blend in


Are you neat or messy?  Organized or disorganized?

I am messy and organized


Are you a perfectionist or ok with "good enough"?

I am okay with good enough


What drives you crazy when working with other people?

When people don’t listen to what other people have to say or how they feel


Is it easy or hard for you accept a compliment?  How about a criticism/critique?

It’s easy for me to except both


Are you easily distracted or can  you generally maintain your focus?

I get easily distracted


Do you wait to be included or do you jump right in?

I jump right in to it


Do you get along with  your parents and siblings?

I have a good relationship with my family, but we have our ups and downs.


Is your glass half full or half empty?

My glass is is half full


What's your favorite holiday and favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday is the 4th of July because of the celebration, I like fire works


Do you find it hard or easy to keep a secret?

I find it easy to keep a secret


If you had a warning label what would yours say?

I am very loud


Do stressful times make you dig deeper or shut down?

They make me big deeper


Do you find performing (or being in front of an audience) exhilarating or anxiety producing?

I find performing exhilarating


Is it easy for you to talk about your feelings  and concerns?

No, I don’t like talking about my feelings.


Are you a "best friend" or "group of friends" type person?

I’m a group of friends type of person.


Do you prefer being scheduled & structured or spontaneous?

I am okay with any, I prefer to have stuff scheduled