Name: Lily Koeser   Grade: Sophomore

What motivates you to work hard?

Competition motivates me to work harder. I like  having another team or person to push myself to be better than. I also think setting goals for myself.

What keeps you from  working hard?

If I’m surrounded by negative energy or bad attitudes.

Are  you shy or outgoing?

I’m shy when I first meet people or if I don’t know someone well enough, but once I get to know you then I’m a lot more outgoing.

After a full day with people are you ready to snuggle up at home or head out with friends?

After a full day with people, I’d still want to head out with friends. I get bored easily and I hate feeling like I should be doing something when I’m not.

If comfortable, are you loud and crazy or calm and quiet?

If I’m comfortable I’m not necessarily loud or crazy but I’m a lot more outgoing.

Are you a listener or a talker?

I’d say I’m more of a listener than a talker and I like to give advice and help people with their problems.

Are you "go with the flow" or more of a control freak?

I’m kind of a control freak when it comes to some things but I’m also very indecisive. I’m more laid back than I am go with the flow.

Do you like to take charge or are you comfortable letting somebody else call the shots?

I’m comfortable with giving my ideas and my thoughts but I’d much rather have someone else take charge.

Do you like to blend in or stand out?

I like to blend in because I don’t really like a lot of attention.

Are you neat or messy? Organized or disorganized?

I like to be organized and neat and I don’t really like when things are out of place, but my room is definitely messy.

Are you a perfectionist or ok with "good enough"?

I’m 100% a perfectionist. Especially when it comes to school.

What drives you crazy when working with other people?

I’m 100% a perfectionist. Especially when it comes to school.

Is it easy or hard for you accept a compliment?  How about a criticism/critique?

It’s easy for me to accept a critique because I want to know what I need to do to be better. I think compliments are nice but I never know how to respond without feeling awkward, especially if I don't agree with it.

Are you easily distracted or can  you generally maintain your focus?

I get bored easily and I can get distracted very easily when it’s something that doesn’t make me interested. At practice, I can usually stay pretty focused most of the time.

Do you wait to be included or do you jump right in?

Usually I wait to be included, but sometimes I’ll jump right in if I’m comfortable with the people.

Do you get along with  your parents and siblings?

I have three older brothers and I get along well with the two oldest because I don’t see them that much. My brother closest to my age and I get along most of the time, we mostly just get annoyed with each other if we are together all of the time. My mom and I have a really good relationship and we always have. I don’t get along with my dad.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

I try to be as glass half full as I can, but sometimes it’s hard to stay super positive.

What's your favorite holiday and favorite holiday tradition?

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love being with my family and seeing my cousins. I also like opening presents on Christmas morning. I usually go to my aunts house and I get to see a bunch of cousins on Christmas eve and then I go to my grandmas on Christmas morning.

Do you find it hard or easy to keep a secret?

I find it pretty easy to keep a secret because the person that told me a secret trusted me with it and I don’t want to lose their tr

If you had a warning label what would yours say?

It would probably say that I’m super sensitive and I care a lot about what people I’m close to think about me.

Do stressful times make you dig deeper or shut down?

Stressful times at school with homework and studying make me want to shut down because I’m scared of failing. Stressful times with dance usually makes me dig deeper and make me want to work harder.

Do you find performing (or being in front of an audience) exhilarating or anxiety producing?

Before we perform, I get really anxious and nervous because I don’t want to mess up or disappoint anyone if I do, but once I’m actually out on the floor dancing I find it very exhilarating.

Is it easy for you to talk about your feelings  and concerns?

It’s not easy to talk about my feelings at all. I have a really hard time trusting people and opening up to people.

Are you a "best friend" or "group of friends" type person?

I like either. I love being all my close best friends in a group.

Do you prefer being scheduled & structured or spontaneous?

I would like to be more spontaneous because it’s so much more fun, but I at least like to have a loose plan of what I’m doing