Name: Lindsay Schuurmans    Grade:  Senior

What motivates you to work hard?

What motivates me to work hard are the goals I set for myself. I always strive to reach and/or surpass my goals:)

What keeps you from  working hard?

What keeps me from working hard is if I’m surrounded by negative energy. It puts a damper on my mood and makes me feel less motivated to do something.

Are  you shy or outgoing?

I am very outgoing! I love to talk to anyone and everyone:)

After a full day with people are you ready to snuggle up at home or head out with friends?

It depends on the day. If I’m in a bad mood I’d rather go home and relax, but if I’m hyper and in a good mood, I tend to want to go do something with my friends.

If comfortable, are you loud and crazy or calm and quiet?

Even when not comfortable, I’m very loud and crazy!

Are you a listener or a talker?

Although I do talk a lot, I’m a great listener as well as a great shoulder to cry on.

Are you "go with the flow" or more of a control freak?

It depends on the situation. If I want something done, I can be a control freak. But other than that I’m more of a “go with the flow” person.

Do you like to take charge or are you comfortable letting somebody else call the shots?

Im usually a person comfortable with letting someone else take charge, but recently I’ve tried to be somebody who speaks their mind and leads a group.

Do you like to blend in or stand out?

I personally like to stand out and be unique.

Are you neat or messy?  Organized or disorganized?

I tend to be more of a messy person, but there are certain things I like to have organized.

Are you a perfectionist or ok with "good enough"?

I am definitely a perfectionist! I will not stop until something is where I want it to be. Sometimes it even makes me go a little crazy haha

What drives you crazy when working with other people?

A bad attitude! It drives me nuts! Having a poor attitude is a waste of time

Is it easy or hard for you accept a compliment?  How about a criticism/critique?

Personally, I love critiques. It helps me better myself on things I may have not noticed on my own

Are you easily distracted or can  you generally maintain your focus?

Although I’m not proud of it, I am pretty easily distracted. My mounts tends to get me in trouble a lot

Do you wait to be included or do you jump right in?

Half and half. Sometimes I just include myself but if I feel I’m not wanted I wait.

Do you get along with  your parents and siblings?

For the most part, yes. I do get in a few petty arguments, but I always make sure to appreciate my family and tell them that I love them.

Is your glass half full or half empty?HALF FULL!!

Always have to look at the positives in life

What's your favorite holiday and favorite holiday tradition?

Probably Christmas. My favorite tradition is to go and pick out a tree and get dinner afterwards.

Do you find it hard or easy to keep a secret?

I find it easy to keep a secret. Although, when some are just too juicy I have to tell Sarah

If you had a warning label what would yours say?

If I had a warning label it’d probably say “Watch out, I slap people’s butts” haha I don’t really know with this one

Do stressful times make you dig deeper or shut down?

It depends. Sometimes I can get really bad anxiety from stressful situations but mainly I keep my cool and try to comfort others.

Do you find performing (or being in front of an audience) exhilarating or anxiety producing?

Both for sure! I can get really nervous but I think it’s just all my adrenaline building up.

Is it easy for you to talk about your feelings  and concerns?

I tend to keep things to myself. I don’t like to talk about feelings because I don’t like being seen as vulnerable.

Are you a "best friend" or "group of friends" type person?

Definitely a “best friend” person. Having someone who’s always there for me, gives me a sense of never being alone. Also, I think by having a best friend you can have a closer relationship, than having tons of friends.

Do you prefer being scheduled & structured or spontaneous?

I like being spontaneous! I like to think that whatever happens,happens.