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The purpose of the Green Bay Southwest Troyettes Dance Team is:


1) To build a sense of community, cooperation, and teamwork within our constantly changing group of diverse, high school dancers.


2) To use the art of dance to display our school spirit and pride.


3)  To strive to represent ourselves, our parents, our coach, and our school in a championship manner...both on and off the performance floor.


4) To build a sense of unconditional belonging and acceptance for all members.


5) To foster a development of each member’s abilities, talents, and strengths, through a challenging, uplifting and motivating environment.


6) To help members set individual and team goals, then provide them with the means of raching these goals, and ultimately surpassing them.


7) To hold members accountable for their actions and to help build character traits of integrity, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, teamwork, and discipline. 


8) To help members grow as dancers and as young women of chararacter and virtue.


9) To keep the primary focus on our own team and our own improvement, rather than trophies or competitors.  


10) To strive to honor our legacy and tradition, and to continue to protect and cherish it for future generations of Troyettes.




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