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"The strength of the team is each INDIVIDUAL member. 

The strength of each member is the TEAM"




DRESS UP:  As something that represents YOU

SNACK- Buckna


  ARRIVE: At Southwest @ 8:00am (early is on time). Camp ends at 4:00pm

  WEAR: Comfortable dance clothes for technique and learning & theme day

  BRING: knee pads/jazz or tennis shoes/decorated sweat towel to exchange/water bottle/snacks if desired/

  $ for lunch or pack your own



  EVENING ACTIVITY: Barbeucue, Pool Party and Tie dye at Tessa's House (timeTBD)

  BRING: Food item assigned below/swim suit/towel


     SENIORS: 12 pack of soda

     JUNIORS: dessert

     SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN: side dish (ie. potato salad, chips and dip, vegetables

      and dip, etc)

            *we will have a sign up at camp so we don’t have duplicates




DRESS UP: As soemthing that you and your troyette sis have in common



  ARRIVE: At Southwest @ 8:00am (early is on time). Camp ends at 4:00pm

  WEAR:  Comfortable dance clothes for technique and learning & theme day

  BRING: knee pads/jazz or tennis shoes/water bottle/sweat towel/ snacks if desired/$

  for lunch or pack your own


  EVENING ACTIVITY: Movie (we will decide which one at camp)

  BRING: money or movie pass/bag of candy to share





DRESS UP: As something that represents your camp team

SNACK: Hanus


  ARRIVE: At Southwest @8:00am (early is on time). Camp is over at 4:00pm

  WEAR: Comfortable dance clothes for technique and learning & theme day

  BRING: knee pads/jazz or tennis shoes/water bottle/sweat towel/ snacks if desired/

  $ for lunch or pack your own



  EVENING ACTIVITY: Dinner at ??? at 7:00-Dress summer cutely casual

  BRING: money for dinner





DRESS UP: As something that represesnts the entire team 



  ARRIVE: 8:00am @ Southwest (early is on time).

  WEAR: Comfortable dance clothes for technique and learning & theme day...We will

  have specified team

  apparel for the show-off.

  BRING: knee pads/clothes for show-off/jazz or tennis shoes/Make up/hair stuff/

  Water bottle/sweat towel/snacks if desired/money for lunch or pack your own


  **This is Show-off day...3:30 in the SW Commons so Invite your friends and family!! 

The more people, the more fun!


  EVENING ACTIVITY: To be determined

  BRING: To be determined




**This is a mandatory event**


  **$$ will be applied to your acount for park ticket and bus.

  ARRIVE:  At SW @7:15...leave at 7:30am

  WEAR: Spending money for food & miscellaneous/sunscreen/layers for cooler weather

  RETURN: At 7:00pm...arrive @ SW @ approximately 10pm. (we can leave earlier if desired)




**We will be learning a contemporary jazz routine to an instrumental version of "I Won't Give Up on Us".  This was Sara's team's nationals routine.  The plan is to make this OUR nationals jazz routine, since there is limited time between state and nationals, and the sooner we know this, the better.  Although all of us will be learning this routine at camp, not all of us will be dancing this routine at nationsl...It is an "Invite only" routine...ust an FYI


**We will also be learning a super fun hip hop routine.  Wouldn't it be great if we could take a hip hop routine to nationals as well...or maybe compete with it at some local competitions? 


**Our foucs at camp will be on getting the choreography learned.  This will mean a little less "across the floor"/technique and warm up time.  Be prepared to work hard and stay focused on internalizing the choreo.


**It is important that you are at every day of camp, all day...and at each evening activity.  EVERYTHING is mandatory, including Friday's fun day, unless previously excused thrugh me! 


**You should consider the theme/dress up days mandatory. Have fun with them!


**Decorated sweat towels will be exchanged on Monday. Please MAKE SURE that you bring these, as we go around in a circle and show them off. It’s very sad when someone doesn’t get one...and certainly not displaying TEAM NICE or TEAM RESPECT. Take some time to put some personal, heartfelt work into showing your big/little sis just how much you care!!!!


**Early is on time!!! It is important that you are on time. This shows respect to Sara, your coach and your teammates. The new girls are assigned the following drivers, please cooridnate times ASAP and switch if necessary.  Returning members should coordinate with old girls to arrange rides ASAP.


**This is our week to lay the foundations for our year. We need to work hard, play hard, get to know each other and be positive at all times. We need to set the tone for how our practice are going to run, how we work with each other, and how focused we are on improving as individuals and dancing as a team! This is TROYETTE week...all day and all evening. Let your family and friends know that this week is dedicated to US!  Go Troyettes!!!!!


**Come with a positive, uplifting attitude and let’s make it our goal to have an amazing week. This is a great time for bonding and growing as a team and as individual dancers...This experience will be exactly what you make of it!


**We need to talk OUT LOUD and positively to each other during warmups/technique/ and learning choreography (when appropriate). Be involved in your teammates growth, development and excitement!


**Do not sit by the people you always sit by...Step out of your comfort zone and sit by somebody that you could get to know better! 


**TEAM NICE is in effect! TEAM RESPECT is in effect! TEAM 110% is in effect.


**Old girls, and specifically is your responsibility to make EVERYONE feel included. This includes camp time and lunch time. It is your responsibility to be fun, excited, uplifting and to spread the Troyette love. It is your responsibility to demonstrate how we work hard and how we play hard. The 2016 seniors are gone and the new group needs to start stepping up and putting their own personal stamp on this year! How exciting!!!!


**You are expected to represent yourselves, your coach and our team in a respectful and mature manner at all camp, at lunch and at evening activities. Please be quiet and attentive while learning, always dance full out, do not ask for breaks.


**Be sure to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch EVERY can’t make your car go if there’s no gas in the engine :)


**If you are receiving a ride...offer gas money. This is TEAM NICE and TEAM RESPECT in action!!!!


**Shoes must be worn during all class times and all times that camp is “in session” unless Sara has specified otherwise. Please don’t wear your good performance jazz shoes for this camp...You may wear your dance sneakers or lyrical shoes if you’d like (if they have arrived).


**No swearing or gum chewing. Be aware of your body language when learning and critiquing.

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