Name:  Shawna Landes    Grade:  Coach

What motivates you to work hard?

Pertaining to dance:  I'm motivated to work hard when their is a clear goal and deadline, when the competition we face is talented and there are no "easy wins", and when I know my team is expecting me to come through with something spectacular.  I'm also motivated to work hard to  maintain the level of excellence that I know people all over WI expect of us.

What keeps you from  working hard?'

I struggle to work hard when I feel disconnected from my team...when I feel that I'm carrying all the weight and worry.  Or when I'm feeling the time crunch and others don't seem to notice.  I can also have a hard time getting started on the work when I'm overwhelmed with how "big" something feels, or dealing with the performance anxiety over the high expectations of others.

Are  you shy or outgoing?

I would say I'm an outgoing introvert.  I'm not shy but sometimes being in large groups can feel stressful and exhausting.

After a full day with people are you ready to snuggle up at home or head out with friends?

For  sure snuggle up at home with my family.  I'm free of expectations and carrying the weight of making everything work.

If comfortable, are you loud and crazy or calm and quiet?

I'm never really loud and crazy, but if I feel comfortable I can definitely be sarcastic and sassy :)

Are you a listener or a talker?

I'm a talker.  I'm never short on words or opinions, especially related to our team.  But I'm a really good listener too.  I like to know what people are thinking and where they're coming from and what makes them who they are.

Are you "go with the flow" or more of a control freak?

I'm a control freak in regards to my choreography and what we look like on the performance floor.  But I'm pretty go with the flow everywhere else.  I don't stress a lot about the small stuff; and most of it's small stuff!

Do you like to take charge or are you comfortable letting somebody else call the shots?

I'm a leader more than a follower in dance, and If its about choreo or performance I like to take charge.  But I'm willing to let others call the shots outside of those  2 areas.  In fact sometimes I'm super happy to turn over the responsibility to others.

Do you like to blend in or stand out?

I like for my team to STAND OUT.  But I personally don't love being the center of attention... unless its for winning state! :)

Are you neat or messy? Organized or disorganized?

Sometimes the top surface of things are cluttered and crazy, but at the heart of things, I would  say there's always a neat  and organized plan. 

Are you a perfectionist or ok with "good enough"?

It depends on what we're talking about, but generally I'm a perfectionist-especially with choreography and performances.

What drives you crazy when working with other people?

"Me before we" or negativity.  Also people who mentally  are on a different planet when we need intense focus and concentration!!

Is it easy or hard for you accept a compliment? How about a criticism/critique

I like compliments but I find them very awkward to receive.  I never want to appear ungracious.  If a critique or criticism is offered in a way that is gentle, productive and will make me or my team better, then I absolutely appreciate the input.  Mean and careless comments that are purely critical, or don't give the benefit of the doubt,  I find very difficult to process through.

Are you easily distracted or can  you generally maintain your focus?

I am laser focused when there is a job to do.  In fact, don't get in my way :)

Do you wait to be included or do you jump right in?

In my real life I generally wait to be included.  In dance, since I'm the coach, I generally jump  right in!

Do you get along with  your parents and siblings?

100% yes.  Also a big yes with my own kids (although I'm just entering the true teenager years! YIKES! ).  My husband Steve has been known to drive me a little crazy, but I still  love him.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

I have a moment of mental processing where I can be very "half empty" and see all the negative...but once I talk myself through, I am always glass half full.

What's your favorite holiday and favorite holiday tradition?

Christmas...when my whole family is together.  I'm also a big fan of July 4th...something about  being up north and fireworks!

Do you find it hard or easy to keep a secret?

If somebody entrusts me with a secret I find it easy to keep. 

If you had a warning label what would yours say?

Beware:  will change choreography 250x before State.

Beware: I find daily showers difficult when I'm immersed in choreography

Beware:  I hear voices in my head

Do stressful times make you dig deeper or shut down?

I shut down right away, talk myself through it , and then I'm ready to dig deeper with everything I have!

Do you find performing (or being in front of an audience) exhilarating or anxiety producing?

Watching the Troyettes perform is the most anxiety producing and exhilarating thing ever.  When the routine is finished I sometimes think I've held my breath for 2 and a half minutes straight.  When I  used to dance I found the experience to be always exhilarating!

Is it easy for you to talk about your feelings  and concerns?

If I trust the person, It is very easy for me to talk about my feelings.  I'm very connected to my thoughts and feelings about things. However, I can struggle if I think talking about MY feelings is going to be upsetting or hurtful to someone else.  I don't  like making people feel sad, embarrassed or uneasy...or putting people on the spot.

Are you a "best friend" or "group of friends" type person?

My whole life I've had 1 best friend.  I like groups of people.  Its just always been important to me to have that 1 person to stand by my side.

Do you prefer being scheduled & structured or spontaneous?

Practice:  Structured

Play time:  a structured start with spontaneous things that make it fun and unique