Seniors, dressed up day for our first competition...Maddie, Hanna, Megan, Brooke, Rachel and Jen.

Brooke and Hanna!

Our first basketball performance...Emma, Lexi and Hanna!

Tessa and Morgan

Catie and Kayla!

Megan R. and Sydney!

Kenna and Erica!

KaShia and Sam!

Abby, Elena, Tessa, Kiana, Katherine and Kylie!

Tessa, Morgan, Amber, Gracie and Chelsea!

Another photo bomb by Mr. Bohm :)

Rachel, Jennifer, Maddie, Hannah, KaShia and Brooke!

Stretching and visualizing!

Getting ready for our first performance of competition pom!

Who's excited?

We always perform better after this ritual :)

Marking formations at practice... before the debut of our 14/15 competition pom uniforms!


Are we ready?

These things are FINALLY rhinestoned...Maria, Hanna and Brooke!

Maria, Hanna, Brooke and Rachel!

Emma and Erica!

Hannah and her mom!

Kayla, Catie and Megan R!

Tessa, Morgan and Molly!

Jennifer, Alanah and Katherine

Tessa and Elena!

Elena, KaShia, Hannah!

Sam and Kylie!

Molly, Amber, Maddie, Lexi and Morgan!

Megan, Kiana, Alumni Samantha, and Sam!

Kayla and Catie!

This is it girls...competition is tomorrow!!!!




Looking good!

Loving these BRIGHT colors :)

Competition party at Hanna's!

KaShia and Katherine!